Keeping horses healthy, it's what we do!
Serving the greater Green Bay and Northeast Wisconsin Area

The primary focus of Spartan Veterinary Services (SVS) is equine preventative health care. We keep horses from getting sick and treat them compassionately when they do.

Prompt-on time, all the time! Don't you get frustrated when your phone calls don't get returned or your need for health care for your horses gets ignored?

Just horses, "we don't do cows"... now don't get us wrong, we like cows but we're strictly horses. SVS is not a large animal clinic that may occasionally see a horse, we specialize in caring for your equine friend(s).

                  We're just Horses!

    Spartan Veterinary Services
       Allen Dunbar, DVM

We walk your walk, our saddle pads are wet! Owning and competing with our horses puts us in a whole different category of veterinarians.

Dr. Dunbar riding Sheyenne (Tenn Walker) in South Dakota during a field trial Championship, working English Setters